Day service center Furusato

〒655-0872 3-8-38 Shioya-cho, Tarumi-ku, Kobe-shi, Japan TEL 078-752-9482 FAX 078-752-9484

Day service center Furusato has a

sense of


like our home

Day Service Center Furusato is an exciting time.

Please spend your time with the staff and people of the same generation who never stop smiling.

We offer clean and spacious baths, good food, snacks and pleasant recreation.

A bright and warm day service center is also available on Saturdays and Sundays.


When do you come this time?

We are also working towards a day service that will soon come to mind.

We welcome you with seasonal decoration

In order to make the start of the day at Furusato

a pleasant time, we will welcome all of you with the hospitality of "Furusato style".

Looking forward to the word "delicious"

●An example of a meat dish (meatloaf) ●An example of a fish dish (Western-style vegetable sauce with flatfish) ●An example of bawl dish (mabo tofu)

No matter how cozy you are, no matter how much fun you have,if food is not delicious everything

will be ruined.

In the Furusato, we are making various efforts and devising to become a “Day service center Furusato”

that can not wait for meal time.

The representative example is the selectivity menu for choosing the main dishes from a menu of 2-3,

which was adopted to have the favorite food eaten in a large amount.

Please relax in the large public bath

The bath in "Day Service Center Furusato" uses "Togol hot water" which is considered to have the

effect of warming the body from the core with less irritation to the skin.

The image of the large public bath of the hotel While enjoying the bath of the bath and the Japanese rock garden.

Please relax slowly.

Please rest assured that we are fully equipped with a chair-in bath, a mist bath, etc. to be kept sitting in a chair according to your physical condition.

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