in Furusato

Even if the environment surrounding nursing care changes so much after this, we Furusato stick to "care with contacts and the warmth".

The thing which we Furusato aim at is “a big house smelling of the life of users

at the moment when they open a door".



What is “a family?”

We think that it is the circle of friends connected by the bond deeply in the heart who can forgive, assist and help each other and can live together, even if we may not like or hate something so much.

In a large family called Furusato, we pursue "the nursing care possible for ONLY in Furusato" forever.


“All is for our customers and their families." The joy becomes big every day simply because it is severe and difficult to realize.

Those who we want are not “the talented person who can do everything easily."

We would like the person who can learn from the daily work and can struggle to be "a professional of the nursing care” together.


We do wish to work with the person with an obedient heart, who can laugh from heart, full of flexible ideas and playfulness. Moreover, the most important above all is the person who can imagine oneself after 5 or 10years later through work of the nursing care.


We Furusato think the work of the nursing care is what you can continue with confidence throughout the life".

The right

parson image we want

We perform the information and technology exchanges beyond the limits of the charge posts through our original study sessions, committee activities in Furusato.

In addition, we are happy to let you go to all over Japan anywhere for the trainings or inspections considered to be necessary.

Career support

We adopt the performance rating system to evaluate appropriately the knowledge

and the technique which you have obtained through work.


Furthermore, we have the promotion standard depending on the number of years enrolled and the own work history, and we plan improvement on career of our staffs.

Personnel appraisal


Career path

We Furusato have completed the system

taking good care of our staffs.


Other than the carrier support and the career

path mentioned above, for example,

we operate the shuttle bus for our staffs

every day between Furusato and

JR Tarumi Station.

We have continued this since the

establishment, which can be seen only in

Furusato in Kobe city.


We believe this support helps our staffs

not only to reduce the burden of going

and returning but also to make more

wonderful smiles.



To take care of people

The year of 2019 began while hoping a big hope on a chest.

In this year, we Furusato adopted new graduates: an office worker and five carestaffs.

Also we accepted three foreign nurses from the Philippines, who are the future candidates qualified as care workers.

The pride with us Furusato is that our staffs are really close to each other.





We are sure that the six new employees, who have chosen us Furusato among numbers of the nursing facilities, will soon get into us. Then they will be "new smiles" which we are proud.

Why can our staffs get along well each other?

Why can we employ many new graduates every year?

You will see the answers immediately if you come to visit us Furusato once!


We Furusato aim at the elderly nursing facility which is firstly chosen by those who aim for the nursing care, not to mention by our occupants, users and their families.

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