You can see our occupants and users live each in their own ways Furusato.

You can see our occupants and users live each in their own ways Furusato.

This can be possible by feeling for them truly.

We always struggle to fully

satisfy the basis of their lives:





We would like to create the similar home environment to our occupants and users

as much as possible. Thereby we sincerely hope to form “a large FAMILY” with our customers,

their families and our local residents.

so that each of our occupants and users can live easily and safely.

This strong obsession is “the way of Furusato,” and we are proud of this advantage against other elderly nursing homes.

With smiles and in plain clothes >>

Fix eyes on the future of the nursing care >>

Commitment to healing >>

The old fashioned elderly nursing homes had been imaged of something like hospitals before establishing Furusato. Staffs in white robes used to provide the nursing care in white, colorless rooms in those traditional facilities.

Then we started from coloring the clothes for staffs. We raised the ideal of humane staffs like family in colorful plain clothes, welcoming our customers with heartfelt smiles.

Living in plain clothes together

Staffs in Furusato are not required to wear uniforms. Our staffs can choose their relaxing plain clothes as if living in their home. This leads to relieve our occupants and users

because members of a family usually wear plain clothes, not uniforms.

We have kept on providing elderly nursing care in PLAIN CLOTHES since our establishment

so that our customers and staffs can communicate with their personalities each other and can live their familiar lives.

Food is the source of energy>>

We have been ideal of providing “meals at home” since our establishment.

In order to make our meals tastes better and LOOKS MORE DELICIOUS, we have devised various ways and means: fastidious food ingredients, selectable main dishes, and so on

We will continue the perpetual quest for food from now on as the elderly nursing home with delicious meals which everyone is looking forward to.

Efforts for Soft food

We repeated trial and error to

provide the meal particular about

"the beautiful appearance," not to mention "taste" and "a texture."


We offer the menu mainly on “the soft food-or Nansai-shoku in Japanese,

” which is cooked after softening ingredients by a function of enzyme liquid.


Indeed it takes the trouble to pickle ingredients for a long time and using the pressure cooker,

but we would like our occupants and users who are weak in chewing or swallowing to regain joy to eat.


In addition, we have used tableware made by ceramics since establishment all the time for 19 years. These are parts of our efforts to offer “the meals at home” so that everyone can lengthen their chopsticks to them without thinking, saying "Ooh! It looks delicious!"

Aging reduces the chewing power

and causes loss of the ability to

swallow, so we have to provide

the soft meals which are easy to


However, if you face the chopped up and minced meals with no trace of their original forms, you will probably lose appetite.

Elaborate sweets by the patissier

We also don’t forget to take "snack time" seriously, which is pleasant for our occupants and users,

as well as 3 degrees meal.

In Furusato, the contracted patissier exerts all their skills to and handcraft delicious sweets every day.

We can offer the delicious, just right sweetness in consideration for the state of the body of our customers, simply because it is handmade.

Staffs committing to our meals

These are the staffs in our

 kitchen contributing for

our splendid meals.


They successfully made

"Soft food" come true.



Challenge to the new “3K”>>

Furthermore, we also add the advantage of “elaboration” and “bond,” ― or “Kodawari” and “Kizuna” in Japanese ― to our house, Furusato!

In Furusato, however, we fix the environment of the living by new type of “3K”―

“clean,” “comfortable” and “relax,”(“Kirei,” “Kaiteki” and “Kutsurogi” in Japanese.)

The nursing facility where everyone longs for

Nobody wants to live in the "3K" environment mentioned above.

Besides, there cannot be the person who wants to work there.

"It’s very nice to live in a clean place!"

"I'm so jealous of you such in a clean workplace!"

We make the new type of"3K"―

"clean” or “Kirei," "elaboration" or “Kodawari”  and "bond" or “Kizuna,” so that all people concerned with us

are said so from their  surroundings.

It might not be very unusual, but

we have wrestled since establishment positively as a challenge to the

new "3K,"

including the odor control

with the ozone deodorization device,

the carefully selected furniture,

a floor with a carpet,

the living with the therapy dog and the use of the products made in ceramics tableware.

Furthermore, we recently adopt the new activities such as the flower arrangement, the musical therapy and the aroma massages "to affect a heart"― “Kokoro ni hibiku” in Japanese.


We believe the image that Furusato is “different in a little" will penetrate among our users,

their families, the students who come to visit us and other facilities by increasing more and yet more positive "K:" "impressive" or “Kandouteki,” “cool” or “Kakkoii” and “comfortable” or “Kokochiii.”

An Ease to a heart

Our visitors often praise us for our garden plants, saying “Trees and Flowers here are always full of life!"

and “Beautiful flowers always bloom here!"

We believe that living among flowers and greens lets a heart soften and gives an ease.

We cannot miss the importance to keep flowers and greens fresh for better living environment.

A professional of gardening commits to our beautiful landscape.

As a professional caregiver>>

We have to provide the care services in accordance with the individual's physical condition as professionals.

Those skills, however, cannot be obtained by learning with a manual.

Our staffs can mature into professionals of the nursing care step by step

while working in Furusato. Here are many coworkers who support their improvement each other.

Each of us forms Furusato

There are various qualifications in the world of the nursing care.

You can acquire them by going to school for a certain period of time or by self-education.

However it is important not only to obtain the qualification and the knowledge but also to experience the on-site, where you can contact with various occupants and users, in order to accept their own different conditions and provide each of them with the proper care.

In Furusato, a senior coworker supports the new staff by one-to-one and backs up the start of the carrier with every effort.

Also study sessions and committees move into action in order to share various experiences which we have got through administration from the past with all staffs.

The way of "the care peculiar to Furusato" penetrates to the each staff by interchanging across the wall of the various types of job or facilities in charge.

In addition, we will participate in the outside trainings which are thought to be the need as much as possible and will share the information which we get there through the inside study sessions and committee activities.

Each staff working by such carrier supports here grows up to the professional caregiver who can provide

the service full of "the qualities of Furusato" to many users and families who have chosen us.

Study sessions

Study sessions planned and run by the training Committee are held once a month so that every staff can acquire knowledge needed as the on-site staff, including the things about the care techniques and institutional care system.

We take up the different themes every time such as the change of a system, laws and ordinances, the problems that happened in other nursing facilities

of the whole country, and share information through associated pictures and reports with all the participants.

We discuss countermeasures and remedies by group units and take them in for the activities in Furusato.

Fix eyes on the future of the nursing care >>

Like the present times, we are glad if young people choose "the nursing care" as their occupation. It is a fact, however, that we will hold the problem for personnel trainings of the nursing care ahead in Japan of the aging society with fewer children.

In the background in such times, we Furusato will pay more attention to the personnel trainings for the future of the nursing care in Japan.

Acceptance of the foreign candidates

There is the acceptance system of the foreign nurses, care worker candidates based on an economic partnership agreement in (between other Indonesia Vietnam) between Japan and the Philippines.

We visited the Philippines in the autumn of 2017 and performed a briefing session and an interview, and chose the talented people who could get accustomed to Japan for the most important condition. Then we selected people who showed sympathy to the idea with us Furusato. Finally we have accepted three staffs as trainees from December, 2019.

They visited Japan with a big dream that they acquired the qualification of a nurse or the care worker in Japan and acted in Japan. They will go to the Japanese school for one year while experiencing the on-site of the Japanese nursing care in Furusato, and then go to the care technical school in Japan for the next

two years, and finally they will be adopted by us Furusato formally three years later.

Human resources development, taking care of people

We think that it is our mission to convey them "the nursing care with contact and the warmth," while snuggling up like a family and living together so that they don’t forget these smiles forever.

The word "the bond" seems to become the word to be known in the world now.

Is it because the Japanese getting over in silence while assisting the disasters that lasted these past

several years came to be conveyed all over the world?

We hope that they recognize "the bond" which is full of the daily life of Japan and pray that they will

truly be "a family" beyond the nationality.

Also we hope that the word "Furusato" and "the care with contacts and the warmth" become the world common languages sometime.

Commitment to healing>>

We would like our occupants to live their lives, not to change with their past livings.

We would like our users to spend like at home.

We are particular about "healings" different in each person to snuggle up to the past lives and personalities of more one in Furusato.

The room healing you more

In Furusato, there are therapy dogs

all the time from the establishment.

Some users come to our day service in

order to see these dogs.

Even if our users come here for the

first time, don’t feel at ease or hesitate

to communicate with others a little,

they will be "releaved" in the face

of the adorable behaviors of the dogs

and will makes the natural smiles.

In particular, our users who have lived with pets in the long life or who couldn’t have realized to live with pets seem really happy when our dogs are playful with them.

Warmth of the hands

The hands of the person have a

mysterious power.

In our "day service center Furusato

in Arase," we have established the

exclusive massage space and offer aroma massages.

The hands of the person who you can

permit a heart are only put on

your shoulder quietly, and then don’t you

feel the "relaxed" moment?

In our "day service center Furusato" ,"special elderly nursing home Furusato",

"the nursing care center Furusato," and  "day service center Furusato\mine"

an exclusive belonging masseur holds a full-time position and

fixes the system which can provide massage to the which had hope and has you enjoy the time

when both the heart and the body are healed.





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